Handcrafted with care in our local workshop

Built from scratch, every single bicycle entails tens of hours to complete. Each step requires fine craftsmanship and last generation equipment all crucial in manufacturing a high-end frame. In the end the, true value is seen in the details that make the difference between a mass-produced bike and a handcrafted one.

Why you'll love it

  • Sustainable development

    Its unique properties of absorbing road vibrations and a strength greater than steel, bamboo makes the perfect material for building a bike that's unlike anything you've ever ridden.

  • Innovative design

    With its exclusive diamond shape, sporty looks and premium finishes we designed this frame to strike the optimal balance between comfort and efficiency.

  • Road performance

    Our engineers went through dozens of prototypes, conducting hundreds of hours on the open roads to improve handling, stiffness and aerodynamics, aiming to deliver a first-rate ride experience.

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