First laminated bamboo bike in the World ūüĆć is now officially safe


This year, Veltra, has reached amazing milestones. Everything started with the New Year when the first laminated bamboo bike frame has been successfully assembled. Each frame was designed, developed and tested initially using Computer Solid Modeling and 3D Simulations allowing our engineers to set the stone for the manufacture process. This step offered with high confidence a set of results that mimic very well the real-life tear and wear of using a bike. 

Later on, with several working prototypes completed, we were excited to start riding the wooden bikes.

Our efforts this spring were focused on testing the bikes. Our team took some across the country to test them in real riding conditions in various cities. At that point we were happy to report that everything went great and we even had a big break-though when we showed our bike for the first time to the public. The feedback was great, valuable which made us prouder than ever.

Once the simulations completed and our first models have been built and tested in house we shipped our frames to a specialized laboratory in United Kingdom to stress test them under real conditions using numerous protocols to quantify fatigue, maximum load and subjective ride quality data.  

We did not stop there, hence we took this more seriously and so we sent out a frame for testing against ISO 4210 (International Standards Organization) standards. This procedure outlines a process for testing the fatigue strength of components. Its testing requirements are built on three pillars: fatigue (caused by recurring loads); overloading; and impacts (which are less frequent events.)

This test simulates 20 years of riding a bike or 100.000 cycles by applying various forces. We are happy to report that the laminated bamboo bike frame has passed all the safety tests, including the 'Fatigue with Pedaling Forces', making Veltra the first company ever to create such bike successfully.